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These Family-Tested Recipes, made during the pandemic by TV Chef and Cooking Expert CJ Katz, together with seasoned cooks from across Canada, will help you to…

  • Serve your family meals so delicious they will beg for seconds!
  • Make dishes guaranteed to taste great!
  • Expand your cooking repertoire with fun and easy recipes!
  • Cook with ingredients you can find in any grocery store!
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Your purchase will help sick kids! $2 from the sale of every cookbook will go to the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital Foundation.

My goal is to raise $20,000, which is 10,000 books.

- 95 Amazing Recipes -
in Two Beautiful Volumes

Tried-and-well-tested home-style recipes
served by real families
during the early days of the pandemic

COVID-19 stories
from seasoned cooks across Canada

Lots of anecdotes
about this unique moment in our history 

Family recipes made with
Ingredients You Can Find in Your Grocery Store! 

Loads of photos
including one of every recipe!


COVID-19 Cookbooks Today!

Start making a meal your family will love!
Today, with every purchase, I’m throwing in an amazing recipe that didn’t make it into the cookbooks.

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Beautiful Keepsake Hard Copy with Both ‘One Loaf at a Time’ and ‘One Bowl at a Time.’
Beautiful Keepsake Hard Copy with Both ‘One Loaf at a Time’ and ‘One Bowl at a Time.’

Beautiful Keepsake Hard Copy with Both ‘One Loaf at a Time’ and ‘One Bowl at a Time.’


Cookbooks will be shipped end of November.


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Special Ebook Combo

Special Ebook Combo



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One Bowl ebook

One Bowl ebook



One Loaf ebook
One Loaf ebook

One Loaf ebook


Look at the Recipes!

Volume 1: One Loaf at a Time

Sweet and Savoury Breads

Baking that will delight your

Beautiful breads that every family loves like delicious Pesto Baguettes, Mino's Simple Crusty Boule, the most amazing Cinnamon Bun Loaf, Festive Hot Cross Buns...  and so many more!

Biscuits, Loaves and Muffins

Old-fashioned recipes that
never go out of style

Simple, delicious and always a hit! Try Calysta's super moist Banana Bread, Lisa's light and airy  Buttermilk Drop Biscuits,
Apple-Cream Cheese Muffins, and
Lemon Blueberry Scones!

Cakes, Cookies, and

Tried, tested, and guaranteed to taste great every time

Bet ya' can't eat just one slice of Liz's Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting! Try Michelle's One-Bowl Carrot Cake, or Curtis' Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies! Mmm...mmm... good!

Volume 2: One Bowl at a Time


Bowls that offer delicious

Comforting soups like Deb's Borscht and Curtis' Chicken Noodle Soup bring a taste of home, while fancier ones like Val's Salmon Chowder, and Karl's Red Bell Pepper Soup, along with heartier potages like the Roasted Corn Chowder make you a Hero in the kitchen!


Beautiful tangles that dish up flavour galore

Great bowls of irresistible pasta!
Try Jeff's Classic Spaghetti Bolognese and Glenn's Venison Meat Sauce for a taste of the familiar, while Ellen's Creamy Chicken Lasagna and John's All-Amatriciana will wrap your family in delicious blankets of comfort!

Stews and Curries

Low-and-slow and quick
ones too!

Bring smiles around the dinner table with good old-fashioned bowls like
Liz's Ground Beef Stew and Laurie's Kick-Butt Bison Stew...while the ethnic flavours of Cath's Moroccan Chicken Stew and Gaylene's Butter Chicken will make you win it every time you cook!

Start making a meal your family will love! Today, with every purchase, I’m throwing in two amazing recipes that didn’t make it into the books!

Advance Praise

"... I love this book"

The pure Prairie spirit, the sense of real community and a culture where baking is an essential skill set that many are eager to relearn.

And the recipes! From the Onion Lover’s Twist with its buttery, poppyseed filling to Wallnut’s Rye Bread with lots of caraway and a secret ingredient --- dill pickle juice; to the decidedly old-fashioned Mincemeat Muffins that are stored, as we did in the 70’s, in an ice cream pail. I can hardly wait to try the Salted Caramel Buttertarts with Bacon.

The pages are populated with stories of COVID-cooking but CJ also respectfully pulls back the curtain and peeks into home and restaurant kitchens as she defines, honours and shares the delicious regional cuisine of Saskatchewan with all of Canada.

Anita Stewart C.M. LLD, Food Laureate, University of Guelph; Founder, Food Day Canada

"CJ makes it easy to make great food!! She totally inspired me to try pie crust."

I made the best homemade apple pie ever. And it was actually so easy and tasted so good!!  My mom even gave it a red ribbon. 🏆🥇And trust me she doesn’t give them out easily. Lol  It helped seeing how u do it on the Wheatland Cafe CJ. Thank you for inspiring me. ❤️❤️

If I can do it, you can too! ⭐️😎

Gina Zepick. FB follower and home cook

“I Can’t say enough.”

CJ’s passion for cooking, connecting with people and giving back all shine through in this compilation of prized, local recipes. The pictures draw you in and the stories touch your heart – it doesn’t get any more Prairie than that.

Flipping through the pages brought me back to my roots, being reminded that everyone’s unique story is the secret ingredient to the delicious recipes showcased in this culinary read. Cooking and eating have connected families and friends for as long as we know, and COVID was a time no different.

Keep cooking, keep baking, and keep sharing the joy that brings everyone together - a true keepsake!"

Lucas Makowsky, Cooking Enthusiast and Olympic Champion - Speed Skating, Vancouver 2010